Thursday 29 March 2012

Foxcroft & Ginger, Berwick Street, Soho and Boxpark, Shoreditch

Having always been on my to-visit list,  I finally managed to squeeze in some time to pop in for a cup of coffee and a quick bite recently. Since then, this has became one of my go to place whenever I'm near Soho and after a good cup of coffee.

From the outside, this look like one of those trendy and cool cafe you would expect to find in Soho. Bright neon lights, exposed brick walls juxtaposed with clean white tiles. Once entered, you are greeted with an arrays of beautifully presented food. Eclectic mix of vintage furniture throughout the cafe further added to this bohemian ambiance. Even the gymnastic horses were being wittily transformed into tables, although not that practical in my eyes.
Foxcroft and Ginger uses coffee beans that has been specially blended and roasted by Climpson and Sons which means the quality itself is top notch. Strong, robust with sweet aromatic aftertaste, quite literally one of the best coffee I've had in ages.  The coffee (£2.40) come in quirky pairing of random vintage teacups and saucers. A charming and quaint little touch and always bring a smile to my face. This personal touch is one of it's unique selling point which makes this a standout and memorable cafe. Over the past few visits, I have had the great fortune of savouring a few of their delicious savoury offerings.

The pancetta and egg roll (£5.95) contained a generous piece of thick, smokey pancetta that was just salty enough without being overpowering. The soft, creamy scrambled eggs with chives were a velvety addition. The layers of flavours and textures are simply sublime.
The Slow cooked pork belly roll (£6.50) was just as delicious. The pork were so impeccably cooked that they falls apart as soon as I bit into the roll. The apple compote and onion jam complemented the meat with a fruity tartness.
The famous French toast (£4.75) was definitely one of the highlights and it's reputation is well deserved. Soft eggy bread filled with pieces of ham and cheddar cheese, lightly smeared with béchamel sauce. Every ingredient was vividly flavoured and when combined with the sweet honey mustard dressing, is just alluringly moreish.
I've also managed to visit the other cafe in box park, shoreditch after a ramen lunch recently too. The facade is rather different to the soho branch. It has a huge outdoor area where you can sip your coffee with a beautiful view over looking the streets of shoreditch - provided the weather is nice and sunny of course. The cafe itself occupies two of the containers in this pop-up containers establishment. It has a rather industrial feel and with it's wooden and narrow interior, couldn't have been more different to it's other site. The open kitchen in the cafe is somewhat a nice addition and quite a joy to watch as the chef is preparing all the hot food.

Along with their superb coffee, M and I ordered a apple crumble muffin (£2.50), aromatic cardamon cake (£3.00) and a cup of hot chocolate.
The cardamon cake was heavenly perfumed, moist and buttery. Crumbly to the touch, slightly nutty and topped with a sharp lemon icing. A delightful treat!
The apple crumble muffin was soft, buttery and yet somehow light as a feather. Even the chocolate was rich and comforting.
On both premises, the service were friendly and everything were served with a smile. The coffee is always  excellent and along with their freshly made sandwich rolls,pastries and cakes, this is definitely not a place to be missed if you are near soho or shoreditch.

Foxcroft And Ginger
3 Berwick Street,
London W1F ODR
Foxcroft and Ginger on Urbanspoon
Foxcroft & Ginger (Boxpark)
42-43 Boxpark
Bethnal Green Road
E1 6JE
Foxcroft and Ginger (Boxpark) on Urbanspoon

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