Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Just like the way they grill it in the deep south - Pitt Cue Co. , London, W1

After my last unsuccessful attempt at visiting Pitt Cue Co. - which led me to the wonderful Yalla Yalla - I decided to try again on Monday. It was 5:50pm when I arrived, already there were a queue of five outside the restaurant. As I approached to joined the queue, another two added to the line. So seven in total before me. Not bad I think, after hearing that this place is so busy that sometimes the the queue builds from round the corner. Is that a good indication that diners are willing to queue up just to have a go at some authentic BBQ or is it just the hype?

Pit Cue Co. occupied a quiet corner just off the busy Carnaby street. The facade is just as you would expect from this cool, hip area. It has a deceptively simple but well thought out decor, with it's narrow counter, accompanying by a few leather covered high stools. More seating are available downstairs but apparent this small venue only sit 30 diners, hence the no reservation policy. This is obviously designed to go with the relaxed and 'grab-and-go' attitude.

I didn't have to wait too long before I was let in and shown to a spot in the corner. This being my first visit, I asked for recommendations from the waiter/bartender.

'Oh! You definitely got the try the pulled pork and the chipotle slaw too, it's my favourite. It's really good.'

I kindly obliged, and decided to order a burnt end mash on top of that and a pint of 'whatever' draught beer. In case you are wondering, that is the name of the beer on the menu.
The beer arrived almost instantly, a pint of subtle loganberry-like sweetness and was easy on the mouth. The pulled pork arrived just as quickly too, in a quirky blue-rimmed enamel tray, looking rather beautiful in a rustic sort of way. The whiff of vinegary sweetness was simply divine. The pulled pork came with a house pickles of cucumber and onions. Meltingly tender pork that were grilled to perfection, one bite and it almost instantly dissolved in the mouth. The sauce were smoky with a balanced flavour, sweet and punchily sharp. It were so intense that even when eaten together with the grilled sourdough bread, it was still vivid.

The chipotle slaw did not disappoint, a hidden spicy kick that gradually built up with each bite of the crunchy vegetables. A delight indeed. Even the burnt end mash, top with beef brisket bits and rich barbecue sauce, was creamy and definitely one of the best mash I have ever tasted.
Sometimes, you get a restaurant so hyped up that your visit ended up with disappointment but Pitt Cue Co. is definitely not one of those. By having a small menu and serving nothing but their perfectly honed Americana-style barbecue offerings, it has built up a massive following, very well deserved too. If you haven't been, it's absolutely worth queuing up for.

My bill came to £17.45 with one main, an additional side and a pint of beer.

Pitt Cue Co.
1 Newburgh Street,
London W1F 7RB

Tel: 0207 2875578
(No Reservation, lunchtime 12-3pm and dinner 6pm-11pm, arrive early and be prepare to queue)
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