Friday 23 March 2012

Korean Spicy Beef Bulgogi ( 불고기)

A famous Korean classic with a bit of a kick! This is simply quite delicious and so, so easy to make. If you have been following my blog, you will remember the I have cooked a pork version of this previously. The original bulgogi does not contain any gochujang(Korean chill paste) in the marinade but instead are served on the side for diners to help themselves to. The diners would wrap the beef in a piece lettuce, spooned over some of the chill paste and then devoured this sweet, succulent barbecue/grilled tender beef.

I have used the gochujang in this recipe because as a Singaporean, I do like my food spicy. So if you are fond of hot and spicy food like me, then this is absolutely essential, as is the kimchi. Every authentic Korean meal must be accompanied by one.

(Serves 4)

500g rump or sirloin steak, very thinly sliced across the grains
1 medium onion, thinly sliced
3 spring onions, cut into 2cm length
Sunflower oil or vegetable oil
1 tbsp black sesame seeds, toasted in a dry pan
green part of 1 spring onions, sliced, for garnish

For the Marinade:
4 tbsp Korean chilli pepper paste (gochujang)
3 tbsp soy sauce
3 tbsp mirin (Japanese sweet rice wine)
1 tbsp sake
2 tbsp soft brown sugar
1 tbsp maple syrup or honey
2 tsp sesame oil
1 garlic cloves, finely chopped
1 Asian pear, grated
freshly ground pepper


In a large bowl, combine all the marinade ingredients. Add the beef, onions and spring onions and mix well. Leave to marinate for at least 1 hour. 
When ready to cook, heat up a large frying pan over high heat with a drizzle of oil. When smoking, add the beef and pan fry for 7-8 minutes, until cook and slightly caramelised (Do not to overcrowd the pan or the meat will stewed and become tough instead of pan fried, do this in batches if necessary). 
Serves garnish with a sprinkle of toasted sesame seeds and spring onions with freshly steamed rice and some kimchi (Korean fermented vegetables) if you like.
Korean Spicy Beef Bulgogi ( 불고기)


  1. I love bulgogi - it's one of the few Korean dishes I've made.   I still need to have a go at kimchi though to make a really authentic meal.

  2. I love the look of your recipes. I will certainly have a go at making these.  :-)

  3. Yes please do. They are so easy to prepare and are absolutely delicious. Do let me know how you get on. :)

  4. Me too, Corina. Bulgogi is so yummy and quick to prepare. I am posting a post on kimchi soon so feel free to come back again for that :)



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