Thursday, 6 June 2013

Feeding the Singapore High Commissioner

There comes a time when you've done something so significant and proud that it takes a while before you grasp the importance of it. And also because the reality hasn't quite sunk in until weeks later when you think back and suddenly feel a sense of pride and joy like you've never done before. And this is how I feel now.

My humble story begin with the decision to start this blog, documenting food I've cooked as well as enjoyed. Gradually, this took me into the world of cooking for the public rather than just within the confinement of my own kitchen. My aim was to promote Singaporean and more importantly, Peranakan cuisine. The former is my country and the latter is my heritage. Both are just as important to me. These are the food I grew up with and every dishes played an important roles in establishing my love for food.  For years, I have been disappointed by the lack of true representation of our wonderful cuisine. So thanks to Goz of plusixfive, I have found a platform which allows me to do things that I enjoys the most - cooking, and share it with people who are either curious about our cuisine or with fellow Singaporean who share the same frustrations and longing for our homestyle cooking.

Chilli Sardine Puffs  :

Ayam Satay with Sambal Kacang (Chicken Satay with satay sauce) :

I have learnt that cooking for a large number is not easy, not especially if you have to juggle a stressful day job while catering to this passion and yearning to feed. However, looking back at all the smiling faces and contented looks on the diners I have had the honour to feed over the past year makes it all worth while.

My proudest moment came a few weeks back when I had the honour of feeding the Singapore High Commissioner in a corporate catering event. This was a big deal as for the first time ever, I had to feed a room full of Singaporean who will be judging the food as most will have no doubt been back home recently and so memories of these dishes will be fresh. Also, it's the freaking High Commisioner ok???!!  Wah lau, Siao ah?? (My inner Singaporean slipped out a bit there)

Chwee Kueh (Steamed rice cakes with preserved turnip toppings) :

Assam Fish Curry (Tangy Tamarind Fish Curry) :

Sayur Lodeh (Nyonya Vegetable Stew with Coconut Mlik) :

And so with the brief of no red meat and pork, the menu was set as follow:


Chilli sardine puffs - Chilli tomato sardines wrapped in puff pastry 
Chicken satay skewers - Satay with peanut sauce 
Chwee kueh - Steamed rice cakes with preserved turnip toppings  


Assam fish curry - Tamarind fish curry 
Ayam pongteh - Nyonya braised chicken in soybean sauce 
Sayur lodeh - Nyonya vegetable stew with coconut milk  


Apam bolek - Gula Melaka pancakes with banana toffee sauce 
Agar agar - Traditional coconut pannacotta/jellies


Was I nervous on the day? Oh yes I was indeed and who wouldn't be? So it came as a relief when I got great feedbacks from the man himself and that, to me, is way better than any validation I could have ever hoped for. My nan would be proud!

[ For any events and corporate gigs, please get in touch here ] 

Ayam Pongteh (Classic Nyonya Chicken Braised in Soy Bean Sauce ) :

Apom Balek (Gula Melaka pancakes with banana toffee sauce) :

Special thanks to my lovely front-of-house, Christine and Stephanie :


  1. Well Done! The food looks amazing!

  2. Chef and Sommelier7 June 2013 at 15:17

    Hi Jason! Congratulations on pulling off such a wonderful dinner for the VIPs!

  3. Well done Jason! I would be so nervous to do that myself! You are amazing x

  4. Well done jas! x

  5. Aww...thanks Cherry! :) x

  6. Thanks Selina :) x



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