Thursday, 13 June 2013

Yum Bun Kitchen Takeover

Following on from my recent corporate catering event where I fed the Singaporean High Commissioner (still in awe and shock), the next highlight was the collaboration with street food royalty - Yum Bum.

Taking over their kitchen on Old Street for one night only and serving two additional Singaporean flavours alongside with their classic pork belly buns. The I-can't-believe-it's-veg bun featured the traditional Popiah filling, stripped of all its carnivorous ingredients but still keeping all the yumminess. And then there was my contribution of the beefy Nyonya ox cheeks Rendang bun, made according my dearest Nan's recipe.

Over 6 kg of ox cheeks were ordered for this event. After 16 hours of toiling over hot stove, during which these hunky pieces of meat bubbled away gently in rich rempah (spice paste) and coconut milk in true Peranakan style. The result was tender and soft luscious meaty strands. These were then sandwiched between Yum bun's pillowy dough on the night, topped with crunchy cucumber, crisp radishes, nutty peanuts and finally adorned with fresh coriander to complete the sexy beast.

This is what 6kg of Ox Cheek Rendang look like!

All these goes into the Ox Cheek Rendang bun .... 

This being the first of my 'street food' service, nothing quite prepared me for the intense session. Manning the Rendang and the Veggie fillings station for the entire 5 hours service was a lot harder than I had anticipated. But after filling a total of 150 set (that's almost 500 buns!!!), it was more a sense of satisfaction as oppose to exhaustion. The vibe on the night was great and many happy diners were fed.

Thanks to all those who attended this special pop up event and truly appreciated all the lovely feedbacks and tweets/instagram that were received on the night. It has been a truly magical evening.

Me hard at work manning the filling station .... 

Filling the buns ....

A special thanks to Lisa of Yum bum for the wonderful and fun collaboration and all those who have helped to make the night a great success!

Wen of Edible Experiences, our MamaSan on the night, who oversaw the drinks while making sure the order came through and generally keeping the whole night in Ship-shaped and Bristol fashion (yes, she is a superwoman)
Shuhan, Bun Toppings extraordinaire, her multi-tasking fast-action hands would put any octopus to shame.
Javier, our Bun controller hero and all rounder helper
and last but not least, Ming-Tang Evans and Erik for the kind permission to use their photos on this post.

 The sexy buns : I-Can't-Believe-It's-Veg, Ox Cheeks Rendang, Yum Bun's Classic Pork Belly

And finally......... The Dream Team

If you are amongst the diners who came and tasted the buns, feel free to drop me a comment and let me know what you think.

Until next time.....Bun out!


  1. Yay! Was so much fun that night! gonna write about this sometime this weekend too :)



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