Sunday, 1 September 2013

Morito, Exmouth Market

Morito is nothing new. It's not one of those recent openings with hyped up praises and accolade. Nothing that it serves is consider as the most current and hippest and definitely no trendy ingredients pass through the kitchen. Yet quietly over the years, it managed to collate some devoted followings and regulars customers. 

It is easy to see why, for what this tiny little Tapas bar does offer, it does it with such conviction that along with it's pared down interior, orange accents that mirrored that of a glorious Spanish sunset,  marked this out to be a great little joint. 

Dominated by a long bar counter where the chef grilled and cooked the tapas to order, filling the air with evocative aromas that lures you into unwitting drool at the hanging menu board hovering above. There are a few rustic tables on the side for bigger groups but for a lazy, nonchalant weekend brunch, park yourself by the window seats and gleefully mopped up the superb Tapas while watching the world go by is a great joy in life. During summer time, grab the a few tables out front to enjoy the gleaming sunshine or smooch on the long bench along the facade. Close your eyes, and you can just imagine yourself to be in some part of sunny Spain.

The menu covers the usual Tapas suspects and some mezze selections, not surprisingly as this is run by the same people who own the famous Moro restaurant next door. All dishes comes in small sharing plates as you would expect. Bring along a few friends and pick from any of the excellent dishes, you can be certain to be well fed.

Some top dishes include the classic Patatas bravas (£4), smothered in just enough sweet tomato sauce so that it doesn't go all soggy by the time it reach your table.

Salt cod croquetas (£4) is another of my favourite. Bite into the crispy and crunchy crust, revealed soft tender flesh. Mildly salty and decidedly flavoursome, it's excellent with or without the accompanying tangy mayonnaise.

But the Puntillitas (£8.50) is a must for every visit. These piled up tiny, baby squids are deliciously crisp and tender. The liberal sprinkle of brick-red sumac (one of my favourite ingredient) adorned the juicy squids with odd tanginess, so addictive and moreish.

Another great is the Chicharonnes de cádiz (£5.50), cubes of succulent fatty pork belly flavoured with earthy cumin and the sharp lemon tang cut through the richness. A tad on the salty side it may be but doesn't deterred the goodness of this delightful dish and nothing a nice glass of wine can't wash it down.

Lamb chops (£8.50), too, were beautifully grilled and once again, spiced with cumin and hot paprika. Smoky and spicy, a perfect pairing.

As a Tapas bar goes, Morito is everything you want it to be. Cosy, no-fuss, buzzing and indeed, it can sometimes be overwhelmingly so (avoid weekday evenings if you can). But for a good spot of Spanish sunshine and if you happened to live or work around the vicinity, this is the place to be. And even if you don't live near the area, still, make it a point to come down here on the weekend and treat yourself. Good news is, they take reservation for lunch so you don't have to queue.

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  1. We just went to Morito on Friday evening… The only 1 thing was that we ordered the baby squid and the pork belly at the same time. Too heavy and would have preferred the lady to advise them with some lighter salad. It was tasty though!

  2. I really enjoyed Morito, especially the baby squid. Found the pork belly unbearably salty but otherwise, all the dishes were really great.

  3. I've only had the lamb pita platter that Morito serves out in the market stall during lunch, but that was reason enough to go back for more (and it was only £5!). When I return to London it'll be at the top of my list.

  4. You should get the fried chickpeas, those were good too. Or the Aubergine with Labneh!

  5. Yup, the pork belly is a tad salty at times. But I do love them, saying that, only because I love a crispy pork moreish! :)

  6. Oh yes, you must. A really good restaurant and the food is amazing! :)



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