About Me

A Singaporean in the Big Smoke

Food is my life and passion. I love to cook and I enjoy cuisine from all over the world such as British, French, Mexican, Spanish, Singaporean, Thai etc.

Growing up in Peranakan household in Singapore and Malaysia, I was constantly being surrounded by 'food talk', a certified national pastimes, but it's not till after I moved to UK about 14 years ago that I realised my one true calling(No,not writing this blog, this came years after)....FOOD!

After years of tempting all my friends with constant photo updates and stories of my cooking, I am now sharing my passion on this blog for those of you who loves food as much as I do.

When I started writing, it was intended to be a sort of food journal of what I cook and eat...but gradually my pride of my home cuisine of Singapore gradually took over and this became a one man mission onto unleashing all those delectable and tasty dishes that I grew up with. Without a doubt for those who's been following me on my journey on this blog will notice the abundance of South east Asian food that I have began to include on the blog. I do hope that you will take the time to try them out and any constructive feedbacks are welcome so do drop me a line or two as you go along.

I am also a host a regular Singaporean supperclub, +65/plusivefive, in London, serving all the authentic and tasty home comforts from my hometown to diners who are just as passionate as I am about Singapore food. Do pop by if you ever get a chance and introduce yourself. For any corporate catering events and pop ups enquires, please contact me at jason-ng@hotmail.co.uk

(updated on 08/01/13)


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